Specializing in energy conversion, JPC aviation designs the lighting you need for a very wide voltage range. We use the latest technologies to be able to offer ever more efficient and compact equipment.


Optimizing the luminous flux is essential for controlling the price, weight and consumption of an equipment. Our optical measurement laboratory allows us to check and adjust the light sources and thus meet the needs of our customers.


The LED technology has dramatically changed the lighting industry. Performance and service life far superior to previous technologies. That said, LEDs require special attention from thermal management. The generated heating must be taken into account while preserving the design of the lighting. Our products are first modeled in 3D and then we can use the materials and the most suitable technologies from traditional machining to 3D printing and extrusion.



Need a product quickly? Take advantage of our reactivation to realize your projects. We can also make prototypes in 3D printing and validate the integration of equipment and parts.

Mass production

The mass production of aeronautical equipment requires rigor in the repeatability of the processes in order to guarantee a high level of reliability. At JPC aviation we work in compliance with the latest regulations and controls are carried out at each stage of manufacture.


The dynamic team of JPC aviation will support you for all your projects. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.